Dialectica is a general analytic philosophy journal and the official organ of the European Society of Analytic Philosophy. Between 2004 and 2019 it has been published by Blackwell-Wiley Publishing and its contents are available through Wiley Online Library. As of 2020 the journal will be published in full open access.

In recent years, dialectica has published articles by Paul Boghossian, John Divers, Iris Einheuser, Kit Fine, Wolfgang Künne, Fraser MacBride, Diego Marconi, Christopher Peacocke, François Récanati, Ralph Wedgwood, Timothy Williamson and Crispin Wright, as well as special issues on the philosophy of Kit Fine, Herbert Hochberg, Paolo Casalegno, vectors, justification, belief, concepts and Gödel's "dialectica" interpretation. It is edited in Switzerland, publishes predominantly systematic and theoretical philosophy and aims to become the best journal on the European Continent.

Since 2000, dialectica practices double-blind refereeing and blind editing. We have recently updated our submission statistics and would like to share the following information, of possible interest to the philosophical community:

  • The acceptance rate over the last ten years is 7.76% (2667 submissions, of which 207 were accepted).
  • In 2018, we published 27 articles. Of 252 articles submitted in 2018, 30 were accepted.
  • Our turn-around time is reasonably quick (median of 102 days) and our backlog is small (currently accepted papers are published in 3/2019).
  • Currently, about 14% of our submissions are authored by women.
  • Between 2004 and 2018, 26% of our submissions came from people working in the US, 19% from the UK, 6% from Germany, 5% from Canada and Italy, 4% from Spain, and 3% from each of Australia, Sweden and Switzerland. 55% of our submissions come from Europe, 32% from North America, 7% from Asia (mostly Israel, Iran and Hong Kong), 4% from Australasia and 2% from South America and 1% from Africa.

Click here for the detailed submission statistics for 2000-2018.

Dialectica is ranked A on the European Research Index for the Humanities of the European Science Foundation and is also ranked A in the Australian's Research Council's ERA for 2010. Marc Lange, "A Tale of Two Vectors", dialectica 63:4, 397-431 has been elected one of the ten best papers of 2009 according by the Philosophers' Annual.

A full bibliography of all articles published in dialectica for the last 72 years is available in chronological and alphabetical order, as well as a .bib file.

Dialectica practices double blind refereeing, as well as blind editing, and follows the "Guidelines for the Handling of Manuscripts by the Editors of Philosophy Journals" of the Association of Philosophy Journal Editors.

Authors are encouraged to submit short articles and discussion notes to the Notes and Discussions section, in particular (but not exclusively) of articles published by dialectica.

Dialectica publishes articles in English. In special cases, it assists in the translation of excellent articles written in other languages.

Dialectica also publishes book reviews, which are commissioned by the reviews editor. It does no longer publish special issues that are not edited by members of the Editorial Committee.

Dialectica has published articles by the following authors:

A.J. Ayer Y. Bar-Hillel R. Barcan Marcus
M. Black P. Bernays N. Bohr
M. Born L. de Broglie R. Carnap
R.M. Chisholm B. Curry D. Davidson
J. Dieudonné A. Einstein J. McDowell
D. Føllesdal M. Fréchet H. Freudenthal
K. Gödel W. Heisenberg M. Hesse
J. Hintikka C.G. Jung L. Ladrièィre
P. Lorenzen W. Pauli C. Perelman
J. Piaget G. Polya K. Popper
H. Putnam W.V. Quine H. Reichenbach
R. Rorty R. Ruyer J. Searle
D. Shapere Th. Skolem E. Stenius
R. Thom J. Vuillemin N. Wiener

Dialectica is indexed by Arts & Humanities Citation Index (Clarivate Analytics), CSA Biological Sciences Database (ProQuest), CSA Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Database (ProQuest), Current Contents: Arts & Humanities (Clarivate Analytics), Ecology Abstracts (ProQuest), IBR & IBZ: International Bibliographies of Periodical Literature (KG Saur), Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (ProQuest), Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet/Current Mathematical Publications (AMS), Philosopher's Index (Philosopher's Information Center), Philosophy Research Index (PDC), PhilPapers.