Holistic Inferential Criteria of Adequate Formalization

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Friedrich Reinmuth


Peregrin and Svoboda propose an inferential and holistic approach to formalization, and a similar approach (to correctness) is considered by Brun. However, while the inferential criteria of adequacy explicitly endorsed by these authors may be holistic "in spirit," they are formulated for single formulas. More importantly, they allow the trivialization of equivalence and face problems when materially correct arguments come into play. Against this background, this paper tries to motivate holistic inferential criteria that compel us to distinguish carefully between non-trivially equivalent formalizations as well as between materially and logically correct arguments on an inferential basis.

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Reinmuth, F. (2020). Holistic Inferential Criteria of Adequate Formalization. Dialectica, 999(1). https://doi.org/10.48106/dial.v74.i2.05